What's Best For the Baby?

From the Desk of the Mayor:

Creating something isn't as easy as it seems. You don't just have an idea, hammer it out and wham-bamb-thank-you-bro, your done. From conception to revelation there are so many things to consider.

Beyond building a narrative, crafting a story, developing characters and giving them interesting arch’s. Style. Tone. After all of that you have to decide where and how you are going to deliver your sweet, tender, little creation to the  big bad world. It has to happen. You can’t keep a baby in the womb forever. It must come out, otherwise all that toil and pain was for nothing.

But how? How can we release our Champion in the way that gives it the best chance of survival in a world full of cynical, and critical wolves ready to tear it to shreds. How can we beat get it to that audience of Baloos and Bagheeras who will love our comic book man-cub just as much as we do?

Here’s where we are right now.

We call Champion as indie comic book project. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a typical monthly. That was the initial plan, but not necessarily what the final product will be. Mayor Christian and I are unknown to the comic book industry. So how do we break Champion into that world with a bang? Is a monthly the best chance of success we have?

We don’t know how to answer that. We know that Champion is the very beat we have. We went all in on this one. We aren’t leading with a project we are less invested in seeing succeed. Against some advise we’ve seen from well established creators, we haven’t sent a Canary into the coal mine to alert us of the dangers ahead of a more valued project. The emotional stakes for us are high. So are the financial risks.

What we absolutely can’t let happen is getting a few issues of Champion out there and then running out of time or money to finish our story. Our baby deserves a world where it can live a long, fully realized life. For that reason we are wondering if printing Champion as a two or three volume set of graphic novels might be the best delivery option. I know I’ve rarely had the time and money to invest in following a monthly series from start to finish, but give me the Dark Night Returns in a graphic novel and I’ll finish it in a weekend.

So, you. The imaginary persons who read this blog. What do you think. Monthly series, or graphic novel? Or is there a third option we aren’t seeing? I’d love to see what you think in the comments.

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