Blogs: the dumbest things ever.

From the desk of the Mayor:

Ooook. So. Blogs. *sigh*

I tried keeping a blog when I was in the Army. They were pretty trendy back in the early 2000's. But my overall opinion of blogs is that they kinda suck.

Do you subscribe to any blogs? I don't. Does anybody? The only time I ever find myself on a blog is when I'm looking up a dinner recipe online. Then you have to scroll past six hundred and sixty-six chapters of God knows what (cause nobody ever reads it) just to see how much nutmeg to put in a pumpkin pie. I don't want to know the history of fried chicken, your personal memoirs of fried chicken, or your adventures in making this particular friend chicken recipe. Just tell me how to bread and fry the freaking chicken! Is that so much to ask? Uhg.

I'm more of a podcast/ YouTube kind of mayor myself. I'd start a podcast, but my voice is too nasally, and I can't afford the equipment to start a decent YouTube channel. So here we are. (see postscript)

I just really want to share with you (if there is a "you" out there reading this [I doubt it]) where this comic book creating journey started, where it is now, and where it's going. I want to get a little more candid here than I can on the Facebook page or the Youtube channel. In the next few weeks I'll share a little bit about where the idea of Champion and some of our other characters come from, why we founded Dorkville, and exactly where the project is as of now and what the plan is for the release of the comic in 2021. If a blog is the best way to do that, then I will swallow my pride for the greater good.

Maybe someone out there will want to come along for the ride, enjoying some of the successes and enduring through some of the frustrations with me.

Until next week: this has been your Mayor, Mike Robison.



To be clear Mayors of Dorkville has a YouTube channel on which you will hear my nasally voice and bare witness to my ugly mug, but I wouldn't describe this YouTube channel as anything approaching decent.

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