Attention Starfighter

From the desk of the Mayor:

A couple of weeks ago I told the story of my Grandma Bernice’s Indiana Jones Comics. I love the idea that a character that I loved so much growing up can have a life that most people never know about. Having those comics was like knowing Indy just a little bit better than my friends. Like maybe we was somebody that my dad knew from work. A family friend. I could now tell my friends things about Indy that they could never know because they could never have the kinship that he and I shared.

There was another character from those childhood days of being babysat and my grandparents’ house that deserved that deeper level of existence , but never got it. His name: Alex Rogan.

In case you don’t know - and shame on your parents if that’s the case - Alex Rogan is the main protagonists of a way under appreciated early 80’s space adventure called The Last Starfighter. The Last Starfighter gets panned for its wide-spread use of terrible CGI, when it should be praised for its ambition and pioneering in the field. Not to mention that fantastic and relatable characters and story. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Add to that the fact that my earliest memories all took place in a trailer park in the high desert of California. Then you will know why this is easily my all time favorite movie. 

I used to believe that it was a cinematic injustice that The Last Starfighter never achieved the kind of 80’s super-trilogy that we saw with Indian Jones, and BTTF. I always held out hope for a late sequel. But sometime in the early 2000's I saw Lance Guest (the actor who played Alex Rogan) on something or another. He had lost hair and gained weight. He was no longer the Kodan Armada defeating hero I remembered. 

Over the years I’ve heard rumors of a reboot or a baton passing sequel in the style of the latest Star Wars trilogy. But that doesn’t satisfy my fanboy craving for a furthering of the adventures of Alex Rogan. 

That’s the problem with movies. Usually you only get one 2 hour story to showcase your character through. If your lucky you get a sequel. If you’re extremely lucky you get a trilogy. But a property like the Last Starfighter is needs more than than to really achieve its potential. Movies are about stories. Comic books are about characters. Stories are just the incubators in which they grow. 

Mayor Christian and I have so many plans for the Champion and all the characters you’ll meet in there. That baby is all our own and I can’t wait until the world gets to see it. But one day down the line I would love to be able to write a continuation of the Alex Rogan story starting off right where the movie ended. What happened after Alex and Maggie rode the lift back into the Gunstar? Did they rebuild the Star League? Did the Kodan Armada rally their remaining forces and strike back?

The nice thing about writing a blog for an imaginary audience is that that audience can include anyone I like. So I’m drafting Nick Castle, who wrote the screenplay for the Last Starfighter (He also played Mike Myers in Halloween). So what do you say Nick? Can Alex, Maggie, Grigg, and Centauri live on in a comic book? If so, hit me up in the comments.

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