Emily's 14th Birthday Party!





Saturday, April 24th  

@ 4:00pm

Idaho Pizza &
Magic Valley Speedway

We will meet at Idaho Pizza at 4:00pm. After an early dinner we will head out to Magic Valley Speedway (at aprox. 5:30).

Heats start at 6:00pm, main event starts at 7:00pm. 
After the race is over, we are happy to give anyone who needs it a ride home. If you prefer, you can pick up your son/daughter from the Speedway. 

We will cover the cost of dinner and admission to the Speedway. There is a concession stand at the Speedway if your child would like to bring some money for a drink or snack.
There will be adult supervision the whole time. 

Feel free to call or text Toni Robison @ 208.320.7556 with any questions. 


To RSVP, please take the time to fill out the information below.