Mike and Christian Robison are brothers who love each other very much. Mike is an unaccomplished writer and Christian is a more (but not very) accomplished artist. They founded Dorkville and declared themselves it's supreme leaders as a way to channel their talent into something they can offer to the world.

Champion is the a story that pays homage to all the things that made growing up as the worlds best bro's so awesome. The tone of Champion is a little bit silver age, a little bit 80's and 90's nostalgia, and a lot a bit wish fulfillment for two dorks in their mid 30's. Champion's characters, and story are all unique reflection of Dorkville Mayors, Mike and Christian - what they would do if they could make their perfect superhero, face him off against their perfect villain, and surround him with supporting characters that reflect the people that support and love them.

Champion follows a man named Ben, who really serves as a analog for the everyday mid-30's millennial; his name could have just as easily been Mike or Christian. He has a life filled with things and people that he loves. A good job, a great wife, a cute kid. But also like us he lives in a world where hopelessness and division is on the rise, and evil is growing evermore pervasive. Nobody knows what to do about it, so most of us just ignore it as much as we can and try to live life as normally as possible. But nobody can ignore it forever.

When evil men put his family's life in danger Ben will discover that -even with all the good things he has going for him - there is one thing he lacks. He will realize - like all of us one day do - that he is hopelessly unequipped to protect the people closest to him from the inevitable tragedies of life. But just when he needs it most, Ben will receive a gift that will transform his life and his family, and change the entire world forever. The question is, is this change for better or worse? Will Ben's new powers restore hope to the world or trigger it's end? 

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