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Two brothers approaching middle age set out on a mission to create a new indie comic book series before one or the other of them dies. Time's ticking. Will they achieve their goal? The odds are not great, but they'll give it their darnedest.

Here you will find news updates, recent sketches, script drafts, as well as merch related to the the process of bringing Mike and Christian Robison's comic book, Champion, to life. You can even book them to speak at your upcoming comic or pop culture convention (if your a risk-taking thrill junky).

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Meet Your Mayors



Christian Robison

Artist ~ Creator ~ Mayor

Name: Christian Robison
Occupation: Construction worker / family man
Speed: 4/10
Strength: 7/10
Agility: 1/10 and gets worse every day. I wake up and my back hurts.  That mattress salesman was a damn liar. 
Intellijents: 11/10 
Special Abilities: Drawing, Drums, Street Fighter 5, Creating fantastic characters for your enjoyment, last but in no way least: Amazing husband / lover 

I’ve been doing the same construction job for many years, and it pays the bills.. As my personal hero Wreck-It-Ralph would say, “a steady gig is nothing to sneeze at." But I just want to do more with my life. My dream has always been to be a professional comic book artist.  I wish deeply that I could provide for my family by doing my passion, without getting accused of “Going Turbo." 
Now when you read my brothers bio, don’t listen to him. He is a fantastic writer and would be labeled among the greats given the chance.
We have Ideas and characters that we believe in. Champion is only the beginning.  Some of our Characters have been growing in our mind-wombs for almost 10 years.  And we will pour every last drop of blood, sweat, and tears (that we can afford without taking out a loan) into this startup. All we want to do is give you something that Mike and I - and now you - will find Amazing.
Stay tuned and I promise you won’t be disappointed, especially if we gain your support. We’re coming up with lots of goodies for supporters.

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Mike Robison

Writer ~ Co-Creator ~ Mayor

Nobody cares about the guy who writes the comic book. It's all about the artist. I just hope that my silly little scribblings can provide Christian with something amazing to draw. If I do my job right you won't even notice me... that is until I start pouting about how I feel overlooked and underappreciated. Then you'll notice me. I'll make sure of that.. Just look at my picture. Do you suppose there's anything I won't do to make you love me? No, obviously there isn't.
Seriously though, I know with all my heart that you'll enjoy what Christian and I are creating together. I have written everything from short stories, to novellas, copy for retail business sites, and stand up comedy. Sometimes I even manage to get paid. It is doesn't really matter what I'm writing so long as I get to tell the world a story. Being a comic book writer is probably the most fun I've ever had bringing a story to an audience. 

I also believe in my little brother's talents. His artistic skills are off the hizzity-hook. He has taught professional comic book art classes through Micheal's arts and crafts, and has completed multiple commissions (and only one of them was for our mommy).

Whether we make it big or not, we will not rest until we have put out a quality product and let our vision see the light of day. Our characters are awesome and our story is the dopest of all the dope....But what do I know? I've never done drugs. 
Thanks for checking us out and supporting our Champion. Stay tuned for upcoming events and consider becoming a Citizen of Dorkville by hitting that Citizens button. It's free and opens the door to exclusive events and early offers and free copy of Champion Issue 0.5 when it come out!

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Upcoming Events

  • Sat, Apr 10
    Expo Idaho
    Apr 10, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    Expo Idaho, 5610 N Glenwood St, Garden City, ID 83714, USA
    Mayors of Dorkville present: Champion @ Gem State Comic Con. Saturday, April 10th, 2021. Come get a free copy of Champion issue #0.5 and buy some sweet merch from your favorite Mayors.
  • Sat, Jun 12
    Circus Circus Reno
    Jun 12, 10:00 AM
    Circus Circus Reno, 618 N Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501, USA
    The Mayors of Dorkville will be present at Campbell Con on June 12. Come check out our booth from some free goodies and sweet merch.

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